Map of Perch Lake

Perch Lake:
Max Depth: 80 feet
Max Length: 1.5 miles
Max Width: 6 mile
Shoreline: 17 miles
Game Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, yellow perch, crappie & whitefish

Further upstream from Chub Lake you'll choose between the north & south channels through Perch Narrows. We recommend the south, taking what is known as "the 'S' curve" - the north is very rocky and should only be used by very experienced Seine Chain anglers - preferably with an electric trolling motor.

There is great walleye & smallmouth fishing throughout Perch Narrows - all around the islands - but again - watch for the many rocks.

Once you're almost through Perch Narrows head under the railroad tressel into Little McCauley Lake - the system's smallest lake - for some great pike action.

Heading back into Perch Narrows, continue downstream into Perch Lake - the second largest lake on the chain.

Like Calm, Perch Lake has great fishing for all species - perhaps one of the most interesting spots is the mouth of Tracey Rapids where the water pounds into the Seine Chain from legendary upstream waters such as the Floodwaters & Lac Des Milles Lacs. Casting into some of Tracey's water swells in the early season can be a very rewarding endeavor.

While you're there check out the mouth of the Eye River - some groups love to cast for pike in that bay.