Our Main Lodge

After years of talking about it, we finally get our new lodge open in June of 2018!

Overlooking Banning Lake, it has a pined, cathedral ceiling, large windows and a beautiful view of the lake. Storms are amazing to watch from the comfort of the lodge and it's positioned so that you can have a great view of the northern lights on a clear night when they are flickering across the northern sky. In the late evening, we enjoy some beautiful sunsets as the day winds down.

Aside from our kitchen and dining area, it also houses our office and small store with tackle, ice, bait, maps and other supplies.

We've got a lending library of several hundred books to take back to your cabin (or in the boat or in the woods) - or sit and enjoy reading in the lodge! We also have a number of board games to play while relaxing.

And we have a large screen TV to watch "the game" if you want.

We serve our American Plan meals in the lodge and as well as offering a short order menu with delicious homemade comfort foods.

Our lodge is licenced, and the perfect spot to enjoy a few drinks. As well, it's home to Quetico Brewing Company - our camp brewed craft beer (Lori is the brewmaster!). Make sure you try some of our brews while relaxing in the lodge or on the lakeside patio.

We're still "cozying it up", but the most important thing we want to add in it is our guests and get some stories echoing off the walls and lifelong memories made.