Perch & Crappie Fishing in Atikokan

The Seine Chain started seeing crappie during the 2000's and each year we're seeing more and larger fish including fish in the 14"+ range. We're not the only ones enjoying them. Our MNR biologist predicted that our pike would start getting fatter, and we're definitely seeing that happen.

We have a few anglers that come to target crappie and do very well. Most others stumble upon them for an added bonus. They're there - and we've seen them as large as 16" - but they can be elusive.

The yellow perch have been a resident of the Chain as long as it's been around. You may not encounter perch that frequently, then suddenly you'll get into a mess of them - often when jigging for walleye. Target them by bobber fishing in bays with a worm or small minnow. We've got some nice ones and they sure add nicely to a fish dinner!

Aside from the Seine, there are a number of other lakes in the Atikokan area where you can experience great crappie and perch fishing that we can direct you to.