Spring Black Bear Hunting

Atikokan Spring Black Bear Hunting: During May and again starting in mid August through October; we welcome hunters to our camp in the northern Ontario wilderness to test their skills hunting black bears.

Our baited stands are guaranteed active and are generally within a half an hour from the camp.

Most are road access while a few are water access.

Upon arriving at the camp, we take you out to the bait sites and you hang your stands (hunters bring their own portable). At this time we replenish the bait (provided), and the hunter subsequently takes over the baiting.

Most shots are fairly close range, and suitable for bow hunting (which the majority of our bear hunters favour).

Coloration is generally black, but in recent years we have seen many brown, cinnamon and occasionally blonde.

Average size is usually 180 - 200 lbs although we have harvested a number over 300 lbs in recent years. There have also been a number of 500 lb + monsters in the area as well. There are giants in our woods, but they're the smartest ones and take extra patience and care on the part of the hunter!

We average 70 % success rate, but flirt with 100% each year as many of our regular hunters choose not to kill, waiting for that big one or that special color phase.

Our bear hunting package includes:
Housekeeping cabin
Boat& motor with fuel (for water access stands plus fall fishing can be great!)
Ontario bear hunting licence (we need you to bring another of your hunting licences in order to issue this)
Freezing service
Replenishment bait
Live bait for those who fish