Calm Lake Satellite Photo:

Max Depth: 220 feet
Max Length: 11 miles
Max Width: 4 miles
Shoreline: 82 miles
Game Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, yellow perch, crappie & whitefish

Once through Banning Narrows you'll enter Calm Lake - the largest lake on the system measuring 4 miles at its' widest point and 11 miles in length.

The large hydroelectric dam on the west end of Calm in Hepburn Bay has been in place since the 1920's and created a flood zone on the system, and Calm Lake is where it is most obvious.

Several of the bays have stumps either sticking out of the water, or just under the surface. The stumps are actually the tops of trees sticking up from the flood zone - sometimes tough fishing with all the snags but they can offer some spectacular action - particularly with early season pike.

Calm, as you may guess, offers some excellent fishing for all species - huge bass, large schools of walleye and great pike.

Depths vary in Calm - the deepest spot being well over 200'!