Banning Lake Satellite Photo

Max Depth: 70 feet
Max Length: 4.75 miles
Max Width: 1/2 mile
Shoreline: 12 miles
Game Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, yellow perch, crappie & whitefish

Banning Lake - where you'll find Seine River Lodge is a longer, narrower lake - approximately 1/2 of a mile wide across from the camp.

Banning offers some spectacular fishing just minutes from our dock.

A number of islands offer some great walleye ledges not far off their shores, as well as some large reefs with varied and spectacular action.

Some of the rocky shores on Banning harbor some monster smallmouth bass and we have great pike action throughout the many bays.

Downstream from the camp is Banning Narrows - a narrow channel that winds its' way towards Calm Lake. The current is more pronounced in the "Narrows" and it is known for its' erratic depths, beautiful wilderness scenery, reefs, islands and excellent walleye and smallmouth fishing.