Fall Fishing in September

It's amazing how, once September comes, it's like a switch is turned. There is a noticeable difference in the feel of everything.

As a rule, in early September, at least the nights start getting cooler - and often the days as well. Generally, the humidity we experience in July and August is gone and the bugs start to wane and sometimes even disappear. With the leaves starting to change (usually later), September offers some of the most beautiful days of the year.

Or it can be nasty as well. Cold, rain, sleet, snow etc.....but that comes with the territory.

The fish start moving a little shallower, although many of the depths and techniques used in July and August still apply. Later in the month the bite can turn very intermittent, although I believe that we see more 28" - 30" + walleye per capita in September than all other months.

One of the popular species in September is lake trout. As they're a fall spawner, a slot is applies in September, and the last day of the lake trout fishing season is September 30. With the lakers starting to come out of the depths, many love trout fishing in September.

Again, check our Rates page as we do offer September fishing specials.