Spring Fishing in June

Early Season Fishing: June is our most popular month for fishing. Is it because the best fishing happens in June? Well, that's a matter of opinion, but there can certainly be some excellent fishing during the month of June.

One of the biggest draws in June is the topwater smallmouth fishing. Smallmouth bass fishing is excellent all year on the Seine Chain, but during June, when the bass are preparing to spawn, spawning or post spawn, it can be unbelievable. As such, many die hard bass anglers pick June for their fishing trip to take advantage of the topwater action. The "peak" of the action during the month is anyone's guess - with the spawn dependant on water temperature, we've seen it anywhere from late May to early July, but sometime in June is usually a safe bet. Each June we welcome many die hard smallmouth fishing groups - many of whom have fished smallmouth in fly-in lakes and / or exclusive trophy smallmouth bass lodges but have switched to our camp. The June bass fishing on the Seine Chain - both numbers and especially size of fish - keeps them coming back year after year.

Walleye fishing also is very popular in June. As in late May, the weeks immediately after the spawn often produce some terrific numbers and often the best average sizes of walleye all year. In a cool year, or earlier in the month, you can often get into quick action schools in very shallow areas - often 7' or less. In fact, many of the aforementioned smallmouth anglers fishing topwater bass catch occasional walleye - often nice ones.

As the month goes on, and the water warms up, the 'eyes start scattering from the spawning areas and moving deeper - often towards their summer "holes". We'll see the larger fish caught in progressively deeper waters - 15' is a popular depth in June, but don't discount ledges in the 22' - 25' deep range - especially if the water is warming up.

June also tends to be the moth where we see some of the less common species on the chain. Anglers fishing for walleye will sometimes trip over perch, and we usually see a handful of whitefish caught during June.

We do see some pike fishermen in June - and there usually is a week where they've shaken off their post spawn lethargy and turn into the aggressive predators that they are. Follow ups happen less and we start hearing stories of pike clamped on to walleye or other fish that are being reeled in. The big pike in June are often still shallow, and there's plenty of smaller ones for some action while casting.

Lake trout fishing tens to continue to be strong in June. At least of the month they still are relatively shallow, but sometime in June usually marks the time where they start to scatter towards their summer holes. It makes them a little tougher to find, but once you do they usually are fairly active.

Like May, weather can be varied. Again, plan for any conditions - heat (sometimes into the 90's), as well as winds, rain and sometimes sleet or snow.

Blackflies tend to be an issue in June and mosquitoes usually kick in - especially if there's been a lot of rain. Watch for wood ticks as well if you walk into any of our remote lakes.