Guided Whitetail Deer Drive Hunts With Hounds

Due to a couple of harsh winters and an over-population of wolves the whitetail deer population has been compromised. We are placing our Whitetail Deer hunt on hold until the population rebounds.

Perhaps one of the most exciting ways to hunt our big bucks in Northwestern Ontario is to book one of our deer drive packages.

We hunt a huge wilderness area with a great deer population. Hunts are carried out on islands and points of some legendary Ontario lakes and rivers.

The action is great - you'll feel your heart beating as you hear the hounds in the distance and then the sound of hoofs galloping towards you.

For our guides, this prime hunting territory is their backyard. The guides will set you up on firing lines on established deer runs on islands and points and then circle around to the far side of the land with the dogs and begin the push.

We do as many drives as possible each day, hopping from island to point. You won't be looking at the same scenery all the time.

This is a true wilderness hunt - the scenery is beautiful and the deer are plentiful and large.

The bucks in our woods can be very elusive. When they decide they don't want to move, they don't. If they don't want to be seen, they're not. There's just so much wilderness cover for them the odds are stacked in their favor. These drives are perhaps the best way to rustle up that stubborn buck when other techniques aren't working.

In fact, with these drives, the best action for big bucks is before the rut in October. We've seen many pre - rut monsters shot during this traditionally quieter hunting period.

· Housekeeping cabin with daily maid service
· Ontario Deer Hunting Licence
· Boat & motor with gas
· Transportation to / from hunting area
· Guide (1 guide / 2 hunters)
· Ice & freezing service

Hunt runs Sat - Sat. Check in Saturday p.m. after 2:00 / hunt Sunday - Friday - check out following Saturday by 10:00.

Deposit: $500.00 US per hunter / non refundable.

Book early - space is limited!

Tanya Atatise:

A deer my wife shot last year that scored 178 typical. It's an amazing rack, it's got tons of mass, it's way bigger that anything I've ever shot. We are from Ontario and hunt just south of Atikokan, Ontario. Her deer is already in the trophy room at Cabela's. The racks gross score was 190. It has 13 points. Inside spread is 16 1/2 inches. The width between the 1st and 2nd point is 7 1/2 inches and the main beams are both 26 inches long. It has an extra point on one of the antlers which accounts for about 10 inches lost on the net score. If it hadnt been for that point it would have scored in the low 180's.

Husband of the best female hunter I've ever known.

Clint Geyshick - Guide for Seine River Outfitters