Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The Seine Chain Smallmouth Bass: Pound for pound there is no better freshwater sport fish that gives an angler a better fight and better action than the smallmouth bass.

The Seine Chain of Lakes is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in Northwestern Ontario, and we welcome die hard bass fishermen from all over the United States and Canada year after year to enjoy the action that our scrappy smallies provide.

Dan Lindner shares his favorite trip from the 2017 filming season: a smallmouth smashfest with Al Lindner up at Branch's Seine River Lodge.

Seine Chain Smallmouth Bass Techniques: Perhaps the most popular method for fishing smallies is the topwater action, particularly in May and June.

In the early season, the smallies are in shallow - almost on shore. They are found on rocky shorelines, preparing and protecting their spawning beds.

The best way to fish bass during this time is to make them mad.

Using any topwater plug that rattles and / or splashes, cast right up beside the shore; let the plug sit on the surface for a few seconds than "jerk" it slowly back. Some examples would be Fat Raps, Dying Flutters, Hula Poppers and plugs of that ilk.

If the bass are there, and they don't responds as soon as it hits the water, they likely will during the retrieve.

Then hang on for a great ride - down to the bottom, then up jumping above the surface!

In the early season we also encourage fly fishermen to come and try their techniques on these great sport fish.

We do have regular bass fishing groups that work the shoreline all year long using this technique, although later in the summer many trophy bass come when anglers are jigging for walleye at 25'+ .

Later in the summer some "bottom bounce" areas with crawlers and leeches and we find these baits are effective in the in the current of the narrows.

We also often enjoy anchoring on a reef and casting around it.

Perhaps one of the best mid - late summer tackle choices for smallies (and any other species) is the black and yellow Mepps Black Fury - we prefer #3.

Although the bass fishing is great all season long, come August the smallie often becomes the dominant fish in the system, and the action is great. Our "Seine Chain Bass Classic" fishing package is featured during August for this reason.

Take advantage of the Seine Chain for some world class smallmouth bass fishing and enjoy the incredible wilderness of Northwestern Ontario at the same time.

When to Fish Smallmouth Bass on the Seine Chain: The smallmouth tend to hit a lot better throughout the day than the walleye, and for that reason many of our fishermen fish walleye hard in the morning and evening, and the work the shoreline for smallies throughout the day.

Having said that, one of the best times to hit the topwater bass in the early season is in the evening near dusk.

Bass fishing is usually great throughout our fishing season - mid May - late September, although there's usually a week or so in June when they slow down a bit to spawn. As this week is weather dependent, it is hard to say exactly when it will occur from year to year.

The Smallmouth Bass Fishery on the Seine Chain: The bass on the Seine Chain is like many Northwestern Ontario Lakes - very healthy, large numbers and good sizes.

Each year we see loads of smaller bass from 14" - 17" and many smaller than that indicating a healthy fishery.

We tend to have a lot of bass in the 18" - 20" range - most of our regular bass fishermen do not consider anything under 20" a trophy.

We get a good number around 21" and some 22" each year.

Often, for fun, we'll monitor bass fishing tournament results in the area and compare them with some in camp anglers fishing the Seine. Often, our fishermen would place very high in the tournament and sometimes even win it with their Seine Chain catches.

Some waters in NW Ontario are treating smallmouth as an invasive species, as they were introduced to many lakes in the area many years ago.

The problem with the bass on some waters is that they do tend to dominate as they are aggressive and are the only species that defends their spawning bed.

In many lakes - particularly land locked lakes, the trend seems to be that as bass populations increase (which they are quite rapidly) the walleye population goes down.

We're fortunate on the Seine Chain to have these two great species of sport fish able to thrive without affecting the other.

Other Lakes With Great Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Although most of our groups never leave the Seine Chain, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of nearby lakes where you can fish smallmouth bass.

They range from easy access with boat launches, to lakes that require portaging, canoes etc.

Some of our most popular daytrip smallmouth lakes are Twinling Lake, Lerome Lake, Marmion Lake, Eye Lake, Plateau Lake and Crooked Pine Lake.

You'll be amazed by the water we can offer!

Smallmouth Bass migrate or change their feeding habits with changing water temperatures and different bug hatches. Please read the fishing details based on the month in the menu under fishing.