Ontario Spruce Grouse & Ruffed Grouse Hunting:

The Atikokan area provides some of the best spruce & ruffed grouse hunting in Canada. The thousands of square miles of wilderness provide ideal habitat for these great game birds, while logging and other gravel & paved roads as well as lakes and rivers provide access into this dense forest.

Many choose to work the roads - watching for the birds as they peck their days' gravel, while others choose to delve into the woods - often with dogs - to uncover their hidden prey.

The Ontario Grouse & Small Game Hunt at Seine River Lodge begins September 15th each year and allows you to take part in some fantastic fall fishing as well as hunting for other small game such as hare, fox and other animals.

The action can be great & the beautiful fall wilderness scenery is an added bonus!

VIDEO: Grouse hunt / fishing trip with Ty Sjodin (The Ontario Experience)

Branch's Grouse Hunt includes:
Housekeeping cabin
Ontario Small Game Hunting Licence
16' Lund or Naden Boat with gas
live bait (if you choose to fish)
brief area orientation to get you started
ice & freezing service
or choose to just rent a cabin and pay for the individual extra services that you require - if any

s grouse populations are cyclical each year and dependent on weather conditions, please contact us during the summer to check the scouting results. On seasons that have lower populations, we choose to forego the grouse hunt to help ensure a strong rebound in future years.