Quetico Wilderness Canoe Trip Menu Planner

(Fully Outfitted Meals Option)

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STEP #1) Please enter your contact / group information in the fields to the left. Your information is confidential and is only used for coordinating the food packing. The information will not be shared.

Raspberry Granola with milk, Juice, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa:
French Toast, Maple Syrup, Juice, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa:
Instant Oatmeal, Fruit, Juice, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa:
Buttermilk Pancakes, Syrup, Juice, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa:
Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast, Juice, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa:
STEP #2) Select 1 breakfast for each day of your trip. There is no breakfast packed for the first day so pick 6 breakfasts for a 7 day trip. Continental breakfast is included at the base on the morning of the trip departure.

Peanut Butter & Jam, Fresh Fruit, Drink:
Hudson Bay Bread with peanut butter, M&Ms Drink:
Grilled Cheese, Cup of Soup, Granola Bar, Drink:
Processed Cheese Sandwich, Granola bar, Drink:
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich, Granola bar, Drink:
Tuna sandwich, coolies, drink:
Cheese & Broccoli Soup, Crackers, Cereal Bar, Drink:
Pita with salami and cheese, Reeses Pieces, drink:
STEP #3) Select 1 lunch for each day of your trip. You get a lunch for every day of your trip.

New York Strip, mashed potatoes, Veg:
Boneless Chicken Breast, mashed potatoes, Veg:
Dessert #:
STEP #4) For the first night, you can choose either Steak or Chicken or neither. Please select a desert # from list below.

Beef Stroganoff with noodles:
Dessert #:
Turkey Tetrazzini:
Dessert #:
Beef Stew:
Dessert #:
Spaghetti with meat sauce:
Dessert #:
Homestyle Chicken:
Dessert #:
Black Beans & Rice:
Dessert #:
Alfredo Primavera:
Dessert #:
Lasagna with meat:
Dessert #:
Mulligan Stew:
Dessert #:
Fish Dinner ( you catch the fish), Lemon Juice, Fresh Onion, Hash browns:
Dessert #:
STEP #5) Select 1 dinner for each day of your trip. Remember, everyone eats the same dinner.

You can have the same dinner for more then one night. If you want Lasagna for two of the dinners, enter "2" beside Lasagna. Do not pick a dinner for your last day.

After adding a number to the dinner field, please input the (Dessert #) from the list below. Each dinner input field has a dessert input field below it.


1) Vanilla Cream & Raspberries 2) Apple Brown Betty 3) Wild Rice Pudding 4) Chocolate Fudge Mousse 5) Blueberry Cobbler 6) Apple Walnut Cake

STAPLES & SNACKS If you wish extra amounts, please mark "E" next to the item. If you do not wish the item, please mark "N" next to the item. All items with nothing marked next to them will be packed with regular quantities.

Coffeemate: Margarine: Spices: Potatoes: Cocoa:
Sugar: Butter: Salt & Pepper: Toilet Tissue: Fresh Fruit:
White bread: Peanut Butter: Mustard: Dish Towels: Brown bread:
Jam: Ketchup: Cooking Oil: Onions: Dry Milk:
Real Lemon: S.O.S. Pads: Candy, cookies/raisin: Marshmallows: Dish Soap:
W/P Matches: Pads Fish breading: Trash Bags: Tea: Coffee:

Please ONLY CLICK SUBMIT ONCE, a standard message pops up telling you that the email is being sent by regular email, just click OK.

DO NOT enter any credit card information or anything confidential. The email comes directly to Seine River Lodge but you never know.