Atikokan's Best Backcountry Fishing Lakes

Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Pike & Lake Trout Fishing

Unlimited Fishing Adventure: Although our location is ideal in many ways - the proximity to Quetico Park & the White Otter Wilderness, central to excellent moose, deer, bear & grouse hunting, 70 miles from the US border - perhaps the best feature of our location is that we're in the center of one of the best fishing systems in Ontario - The Seine River Chain of Lakes and literally dozens of off system fishing waters.

The Seine Chain of Lakes: The 5 lakes - Calm Lake, Banning Lake, Chub Lake, Little McCauley Lake and Perch Lake combine to offer our anglers over 30 miles of water right from our dock.

Banning Lake: Where you'll find Seine River Lodge is a longer, narrower lake - approximately 3/4 of a mile wide across from the camp.

Banning offers some spectacular fishing just minutes from our dock (actually right off our shores!).

A number of islands offer some great walleye ledges not far off their shores, as well as some large reefs with varied and spectacular action.

Some of the rocky shores on Banning harbor some monster smallmouth bass and we have great pike action throughout the many bays.

Downstream from the camp is Banning Narrows - a narrow channel that winds its' way towards Calm Lake. The current is more pronounced in the "Narrows" and it is known for its' erratic depths, beautiful wilderness scenery, reefs, islands and excellent walleye and smallmouth fishing.

Once through Banning Narrows you'll enter Calm Lake - the largest lake on the system measuring 4 miles at its' widest point and 11 miles in length.

The large hydroelectric dam on the west end of Calm in Hepburn Bay has been in place since the 1920's and created a flood zone on the system, and Calm Lake is where it is most obvious.

Several of the bays have stumps either sticking out of the water, or just under the surface. The stumps are actually the tops of trees sticking up from the flood zone - sometimes tough fishing with all the snags but they can offer some spectacular action - particularly with early season pike.

Calm, as you may guess, offers some excellent fishing for all species - huge bass, large schools of walleye and great pike.

Depths vary in Calm - the deepest spot being well over 200'!

Upstream from the Banning Lake you'll travel through a short channel know as Chub Narrows that offers more great fishing. Watch out for all the rocks once you're east of the Sunshine Road Bridge that passes over Chub Narrows!

Chub is a smaller lake but has some great walleye and bass holes, as well as one bay where this camp owner has done particularly well with big pike.

Further upstream you'll choose between the north & south channels through Perch Narrows. We recommend the south, taking what is known as "the 'S' curve" - the north is very rocky and should only be used by very experienced Seine Chain anglers - preferably with an electric trolling motor.

There is great walleye & smallmouth fishing throughout Perch Narrows - all around the islands - but again - watch for the many rocks.

Once you're almost through Perch Narrows head under the railroad tressel into Little McCauley Lake - the system's smallest lake - for some great pike, bass and yes - even walleye - action.

Heading back into Perch Narrows, continue downstream into Perch Lake - the second largest lake on the chain.

Like Calm, Perch Lake has great fishing for all species - perhaps one of the most interesting spots is the mouth of Tracey Rapids where the water pounds into the Seine Chain from legendary upstream waters such as the Floodwaters & Lac Des Milles Lacs. Casting into some of Tracey's water swells in the early season can be a very rewarding endeavor.

While you're there check out the mouth of the Eye River - some groups love to cast for pike in that bay.

And we're very happy to now be seeing some terrific crappie fishing throughout the chain...a real bonus for our guests who enjoy a tasty fish dinner!

Whether you prefer casting for springtime northern pike, hitting the topwaters on a rocky shore for some big smallmouth bass or jigging for a tasty meal of walleye, the Seine Chain and its' rust colored waters have what you're looking for!

The Atikokan area - and Seine River Lodge - offer an parallelled number of fishing lake options: Where do we begin - there's so need to leave the Seine (unless you're looking for lake trout), but for those who want some adventure, you could fish different lakes every day for several trips. Many have good boat launches, while a number you walk in to a boat cache we've placed on the shores. There are more yet that are tougher to get to and may involve canoes - traditional or square back. Regardless the choices are staggering.

Use of trailers for launch lakes are included with our fishing packages as are boats cached on lakes and small outboards. You can reserve one of the cache boats on lakes in the office. We provide directions to get to the lakes....if you need transportation to / from any of the lakes there may be a charge

Big McCauley Lake: One of the most popular "daytrip" lakes for our guests is Big McCauley - a short drive (about 2 - 3 miles) from the camp with a boat launch.

Big McCauley is a beautiful lake to spend a day on, and most are drawn to it because of the great lake trout fishing and it's so close to camp. We've seen a number of lakers over 40" come out of Big McCauley over the years, but one nice surprise is that there is also great pike fishing as well - lots right under the slot size, along with some real monsters caught every year!

Miranda Lake & Milk Lake: We drive within a couple of hundred yards of Miranda Lake & then carry small outboard motors down to our boat cache.

Miranda and Milk offer spectacular pike action. Most pike run 20" - 25", but we've had them up to 52" come out of there (and the next year the same guy caught the absolutely fattest 44" pike I have ever seen!). Milk is a short portage from the south end of Miranda.

Twinling Lake: Just a short walk from the camp to a boat cache. Great pike & bass fishing.

Ear Lake / Eye River: Great for all species but especially walleye fishing along.

Below the Calm Lake Dam: Drive to the boat launch for some absolutely terrific walleye, smallmouth and pike fishing. A long river channel between the Calm Lake & Crilly Dams.

Marmion Lake (the Floodwaters): A very large lake north of Atikokan - about hr from the camp and upstream from the Seine Chain - where you can trailer to / launch a boat - better known as the Floodwaters or Floods - and home of the perennially spectacular Atikokan Bass Classic.

Dovetail Lake: Another boat cache lake with great fishing - especially for walleye!

Surprise Lake: A boat cache lake - great fishing - especially walleye

Pipe Lake: Boat launch - great fishing but a favorite of our guests for walleye!

Whelan Lake: Another launch lake

Flora Lake: Drive then short walk to a boat cache for great pike & lake trout fishing

Icy Lake
Plateau Lake
Niven Lake
Lerome Lake
Miners Lake
Big Bend Lake
Abie Lake
Steep Rock Lake
Marmion Lake
Lower Seine
Eye Lake
Crowrock Lake
Dashwa Lake
Big Joe Lake
Kirk Lake
Grey Trout Lake
Bold Lake
Price Lake
Tent Lake
Harvey Lake
Partridge Crop Lake
Below Crilly Dam
Bennett Lake
Moose Lake
Nym Lake
Gilbert Lake
Jim Lake
Right Eye Lake
Left Eye Lake
Crook Lake
Roadside Lake
Harnett Lake
Mahon lake
Nevison Lake
Dragon Lake
Another Lake
Burton Lake

Let Us Be Your Hosts: We've been here for since 1967 and can help you with the Seine Chain like no one else. We were bringing guests into many of these remote lakes long before logging roads made them much more accessible for today's anglers.

Our self guided packages include a 2- 3 hour Seine Chain orientation pointing out rocks, reefs, hot spots etc.

We'll help you with any "off system" adventures as well with directions, maps, tackle tips and fishing suggestions.

Please have a great time & respect the environment. We want to continue to enjoy this great wilderness for generations to come.

And please take lots of pictures - we sometimes have to live vicariously through our guests!