Fishing Videos

Videos Produced by Linder Media:
Al Lindner shot a bass fishing episode at our camp in 2017. We do not have a copy of the whole video but we do have the beginning where we discuss the history of our camp and the fishing. The complete video is coming soon.

Dan Lindner shares his favorite trip from the 2017 filming season: a smallmouth smashfest with Al Lindner up at Branch's Seine River Lodge.

Al Lindner's Angling Edge Show Video - 5 Minute Trailer 2017

Al Lindner's Angling Edge Show - Full Episode 2017

Videos Produced by The New Fly-Fisher:

The New Fly Fisher Video 2018 - Flyfishing for Smallmouth

The New Fly Fisher Video 2017 - Flyfishing for Smallmouth

Videos Produced by The Ontario Experience:

The Ontario Experience - October Fishing at Seine River Lodge with Ty Sjodin

Grouse hunt / fishing trip with Ty Sjodin (The Ontario Experience)

Videos Produced by Pete Maina:

Catch n' Relief - Pete Maina brings Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers) & Mike Nelson mid summer fishing at Branch's Seine River Lodge